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Big Rav is a lively, relatable, and spirited band influenced by the everchanging decades of rock and the constant grind of existence. If you’re looking for a way to blow off some steam, come see Big Rav cope with adulthood by playing their music and trying not to think about work tomorrow.

Big Rav: Nick, Séamus, Dan, Maddy

long bio

Maddy, Dan, Séamus, and Nick have been playing music together as Big Rav for over 6 years. Before they got together, Nick and Séamus – childhood friends – had been holding down the rhythm section of their first band, “The Kids”, for the better part of a decade. The Kids were well known in the Rhode Island pub circuit, and booked long cover sets at events like St. Mary’s Feast until they all went to college and disbanded. There, the rest of the Ravs all met through luck – Nick met Maddy by accidentally going to the wrong class, Dan and him became roommates through a mutual friend, and the pair moved in with Séamus the next year. Engineers and an accountant by day, the 4 of them survived college by jamming together, and now write and play music together outside of (and sometimes during) the workday. Sitting somewhere at the intersection of alt, punk, and indie rock (with some prog rock sprinkled in), Big Rav is a high energy, lively band who just wants to have fun commiserating with other sorta-adults trying to make it to the weekend.

“Wait, this is actually really good!”

Our friend Ben, 2020

“It’s like you took Paramore, Rush, and early 2000’s rock and threw it in a blender”

A very nice bartender after a show
maddy – vocals, keys
dan – guitar
séamus – bass
nick – percussion